Our customers:

We carry everything in the sheet metal, insulation, forging and industrial painting.


About the company

Our main business consists of insulation of tanks, digesters, piping, accumulators and buildings.
The company was established in the beginning as a sole proprietor and was converted into a limited company in 2011. We have great experience and using innovative solutions. This means that we are cost-effective. Within our company, flexibility is one of our guiding principles, together with an effective quality and environmental work.
We are ISO 9001 and 14001.
We have an existing business insurance business liability insurance in the amount of 40 000 000.
Our market is mainly business and industries in Sweden and Scandinavia. But we are no stranger to mission in Europe.

Our staff has been trained in:
• SSG Construction
• SSG Chemistry
• Fall Protection Training
• Skylift Education
• Welding (welder)


Quality Policy

Our overall quality goal is to always satisfy the customer's requirements and expectations. Our aim is to always have satisfied customers. We want to work with our customers to specify the requirements that we have the potential to cope. To achieve this, we are committed to:
• Create good customer relations
• Create a customer / supplier relationship internally with each one responsible for quality in own area of ​responsibility.
• Only accept demands that we have the capacity and ability to cope.
• Educate and inform the staff so that all employees make lineage from the beginning.
• Constantly work on improving operations.
• To conduct activities in accordance with ISO 9001.


Environmental Policy

Adams Tank & Pipe insulation AB Will work for an environmentally sound development and strive to protect the environment, our customers and our staff. Environmental issues should be integrated as a natural part of a responsible, efficient, and profitable business. Our activities will be developed with the aim to use natural resources as carefully as possible and prevent environmental pollution.
Our minimum standard is to follow the laws and requirements that our company subscribes. The goal is to progressively continually improve operations from an environmental point according to the following principles. We shall maintain an environmental management system for the entire operation. The environmental policy should provide guidelines for work in the environmental field. The main responsibility for environmental incumbent president. All personnel shall follow the applicable procedures and instructions and encouraged to take personal responsibility for environmental issues. Environmental impact is continuously assessed and monitored. Environmental aspects are identified, targets set and significant environmental impacts shall, if possible, reduced or eliminated.
We will endeavor to use the equipment for our business with the lowest possible environmental impact. When investing in new technologies, products and processes to environmental impacts into account.
To ensure that the effects of accidental releases at our facility will be as limited as possible, contingency plans exist.
We shall select suppliers that helps meet our environmental policy. In the long term, we want our suppliers to implement environmental management systems.
Our communication will be characterized by openness and objectivity. Our environmental policy is made available to the public at our office and on our website.


Work Environment Policy

Our policy and objectives of the work environment are:
• No one should have to suffer from poor health due to work with us
• Employees affected by reduced work should be supported to possibly regain full work
• Take advantage of our employees' experiences and views on work and work environment, and create participation in the company's development
• Employees should feel good physical, mental and social environment in the workplace and, as far as possible to influence the content of work


Road Safety Policy

Adams Tank & Pipe insulation AB works effectively to increase road safety in operations. We must plan our transportation so they do not violate regulations. We must also take into account other factors that affect security, such as scheduling, routing, traffic problems, night driving and weather.